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Career Change/Retired Dog Adoption FAQs
  •  What is the difference between a Career Change Dog & Retired Dog?

    • A Career Change dog will not be trained as a working dog, and is available for adoption as a pet. Dogs are chosen for a career change because they may not have the ideal personality or health requirements that are needed for a service dog. They are usually about one year of age, have been housetrained and know basic commands.

      Retired dogs are fully trained service dogs that have completed their working career. These dogs come up for adoption less frequently than Career Change dogs. They tend to be slightly older (5-10 years), but they make wonderful pets and deserve a relaxing retirement after their diligent service.

  •  How are these dogs different from other dogs?

    • Lions Foundation has its own breeding program, and breeds exclusively for temperament, trainability, and health. These traits are evident in our dogs. When the puppies are eight weeks old, they go into the Foster Puppy Program where they are raised by dedicated individuals who socialize the dogs and provide basic training in preparation for the dogs’ future careers. The breeding and socialization makes our dogs unique – whether or not they are formally trained as service dogs.

  •  What breeds are available?

    • The majority of the dogs we train are Labrador retrievers and standard poodles. We also train some miniature poodles, golden retrievers, and Labrador-golden retriever crosses. Retired dogs may include other breeds.

  •  How long is the waiting list?

    • Wait times for dogs vary based on a number of factors, so it is difficult to determine how long an applicant may wait. Since we train primarily Labrador retrievers and standard poodles, these dogs are most frequently available for adoption.

      When a dog becomes available for adoption, its new home is chosen based on the dog’s individual needs.

  •  I’ve sent in an application – what happens next?

    • Thank you for applying to adopt a Retired or Career Change dog! Due to the number of applications that are received, we cannot personally contact each applicant regarding their submission. When an applicant is matched with a dog, we will contact that person to set up an interview. Unfortunately, we cannot say how long you will be waiting; it depends entirely on the dogs that become available, and what their individual needs are. We greatly appreciate your patience in this process, and thank you for supporting Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides.

  •  What is the adoption fee?

    • Adoption fees vary based on training, age, personality traits, and health considerations of the dog. Prices range from free (health and age considerations) to $1250 plus HST. Most commonly, dogs are available from $700-$1,000. Donations are always greatly appreciated because there is a high cost to raising and training Dog Guides. Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides is a registered charity.

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