Providing Dog Guides to Canadians with Disabilities
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is instrumental in successfully leading Lions Foundation in its efforts to provide Dog Guides at no cost to Canadians with disabilities. Each member sits on the board for a three year term, with the exception of the Chairperson, who is voted in annually.

Executive Officers
  •  David Hollyoake, PDG
     Chairperson of the Board

    • Dave Hollyoake has been involved with Lions since 1974. Currently, he is the Board Chairperson of his clubs 59 unit Life lease building in Winnipeg. Dave has a LFC Fellowship award, JBS award and has been a Life Member of LFC since 1993. Dave is also one of the lead Lions of their annual Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides in Winnipeg. Lion Dave keeps busy with small home renovations, building decks, garages etc. He enjoys Traveling, biking, woodworking & golf. He has been married for 49 years to his wife Barb, they have two sons and 4 grandchildren.
      "I have been promoting LFC Dog Guides for years and as Board Chair I hope to continue promoting / supporting the Foundation this year and beyond. Together, we will continue to work with the great staff and volunteer’s to provide Dog Guides to Canadian’s with medical or Physical disabilities at no cost and with no government funding."

  •  Maureen Meston-Pockett
     Vice Chairperson, Director, Saskatchewan

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      "Dogs may not be our whole life, but dogs can make our life whole."

  •  Brennan Beaumont, PCC
     Treasurer, Director, New Brunswick

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      "Not every person knows how to love a dog, but every dog knows how to love a person!"

  •  Penny Pike, PCC
     Secretary, Newfoundland & Labrador

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      "A Dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more then he loves himself."

  •  Mel Foat
     Executive Member at Large, Director, Alberta and NWT

    • Mel Foat is not only a board member but is legally blind and a first time CVC Dog Guide handler. Besides his position as Director for Alberta and NWT, he is also Deputy Mayor of his home town of Chestermere, Alberta. Mel is a retired farmer, following his loss of sight 5 years ago. He loves to tell children and adults about the benefits of a Dog Guide.

      "I cannot even imagine my life without my Dog Guide Walker, the great Golden Lab"

  •  Al Leach, PDG
     Past Chairperson

    • Al Leach has worked for a number of agencies across Ontario from Sudbury to Wheatley, in Parks and Land Management. He is the Past District Governor for Lions of District A9 (2008-09), past District Secretary (2014-15), past president and an active member of Mount Forest Lions club since 2000, currently club secretary and editor of A9’s District Governor’s Newsletter and past LFC Chairperson (2018-2019).  He is also the recipient of a Lion’s Melvin Jones Fellowship, a Judge Brian Stevenson Fellowship, 4 LC International President’s Certificates of Appreciation, and LCI Leadership and Club Extension medals.

      "The opportunity to be a part of the Board of Directors of LFC provided a large & positive learning curve for me and a great appreciation of the valuable work of the dedicated staff, their programs and the amazing 4-legged ambassadors which provided constant tear provoking testimonials through the differences they made in the lives of clients with disabilities from across Canada."

  •  Joanne Phillips
     Director, British Columbia & Yukon

    • Joanne has been a Lion for 14 years and the District Rep for Lions Foundation of Canada for three years. While working at a restaurant, Joanne met a gentleman with a Seizure Response Dog Guide, and his story helped Joanne make the connection with Dog Guides and being a Lion. While attending DGE orientation, she met many recipients of Dog Guides and heard their heartfelt stories. All these stories tugged at Joanne’s' heart and she knew, at that very moment that she wanted to help raise awareness for the Lions Foundation of Canada.
      "Dog Guides gives you a better quality of life by living your life to the fullest"

  •  Sam Sanderson
     Director, Prince Edward Island

    • Sam is the current President of the Parkdale Sherwood Lions club, the founder of the PEI Ride for Dog Guides and he also has a personal connection to the foundation as his wife Jennifer is visually impaired and is a client of the foundation. Seeing how much each Dog Guide has helped his wife gave him the drive to help others become aware of all the great things that are happening at the LFC and the opportunities for clients to gain strength, courage, mobility and independence.
      "Life is made up of chances and opportunities, its our responsibility to help provide as many chances and opportunities to those that need a hand to do so.."

  •  Angela Sharbot, PDG
     Director, Manitoba

    • Angela joined the Lions Club of Atikokan in 2004 where she has served as President, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Walk for Dog Guides organizer and more. She is a Past District Governor (2012-2013), Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow and recipient of a Lions International Presidential Medal, two Leadership Medals and several International President’s Certificate of Appreciation. Angela has served as faculty for District Governor Elect training, Regional Lions Leadership Institute and Emerging Lions Leadership Institute. She serves on District 5M-10’s Cabinet for over 10 years in several capacities. Angela has a diploma in Municipal Administration. Retired from paid work, she was the Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk for the Town of Atikokan and for Quetico Centre the Chief Operating Officer. Angela is married to Perry for over 40 years and she and her family are four generations of Lions.
      "Dog Guides change lives. Testimonies from recipients, their family, friends and community has touched my heart many times. This makes me feel very honoured and humbled to be able to serve on the Board of Directors to assist in keeping our Foundation viable, strong and proud well into the future.."

  •  Janet Marissen
     Director, Ontario

    • Janet Marissen joined the Lions Foundation of Canada in 1995. A dog lover all her life, Janet and her husband, PCC Harry became foster puppy raisers in 2000. Her involvement in the Foster program gave her the opportunity to interact with other foster families, meet graduates from LFC, and educate the public about Dog Guides. Janet is involved in many aspects of Lions including being a National Trainer for Lions Quest and a facilitator of Lions Clubs International Institutes.
      "Having a small part in providing Dog Guides is one of my greatest joys. Knowing the difference that dog is going to make in the life of its "forever person" makes everything I do for the Lions Foundation worthwhile."

  •  Robert "Bob" Genereux
     Director, Quebec

    • Robert has been a member of Lachute Lions Club for more then 20 years.  
      As District Governor (2017-2018), Bob discovered the facilities of the Lions Foundation of Canada at Oakville and the Memorial Forest in Breslau.

      "I was really impressed by all the people involved in this organization as well as the dogs. Then one day, i had the opportunity to get involved in the future of the organization. I will be more then pleased to help the LFC to continue is mandate and getting into the 21st century''

  •  Linda Baltzer
     Director, Nova Scotia

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      "coming soon."