Providing Dog Guides to Canadians with Disabilities
Wish List
The Wish List is a unique way to make a contribution to the Dog Guide program. If you wish to contribute an item or make a donation towards the purchase of an item, please contact (905) 842-2891 or 1 (800) 768-3030.

The Lions Foundation hosts two on-line auctions each year. New items, whether gift certificates, gift cards or items of any kind are always needed. All proceeds go directly to the Dog Guide training program.

For inquiries, please email

Merilyn DeFazio
Director of Resource Development
905-842-2891 Ext. 231

For Dog Guides in Training
  • Genetic testing for new breeding dogs
  • $5,000
  • Microchipping for all puppies
  • $3,500
  • Harnesses (for SD Program)
  • $1,500
  • Harnesses (for CVC Program)
  • $750
  • Freezer – 6 cubic feet
  • $450
  • Dehumidifier
  • $300
  • Medical testing and X-rays (per dog)
  • $250
  • Vet diet dog food (per bag)
  • $130ea
  • Crates -  36x24x27”
  • $100ea
  • Haltis – size 1, 2 and 3t
  • $20ea
  • Dog toys and treats:
  •     - Nylabones Dura Chew
        - Kongs Extreme (Black) XL
        - Cheweez
        - Dog Delights - Chewy Chicken Sticks
        - Purina - Alpo T-Bonz
        - Purina - Beggin Strips
    Puppy Program
  • Propel Air Platforms (
  • $350
  • FitPaws balance disc (
  • $250
  • Fitpaw trax Peanut Ball 50 cm (
  • $220
  • Fitpaws Paw pods (
  • $60
  • Replacement computers (for 2 client rooms)
  • $1,000
  • Manual wheelchair for training
  • Gift Cards (to grocery stores for meals for clients)
  • For the Buildings
  • Accessible automatic door openers
  • $7,500
  • Cargo Van
  • $41,000
  • Auction sponsor
  • $5,000
    Thank you to:

    Pet Valu
    Dog food and treats
    Mosborough Busy Busy Lions Club
    Harnesses for SD and CVC, Bair hugger, washer and dryer, dehumidifiers, hydrofoamers, squeegees, dog bowls, Kongs and Nylabones, laundry soap, puppy vests, harnesses, auto soap dispensers, scent pods, training obstacles, bath mats, leashes, blow dryer, clippers, bowls and buckets, electric fan, whiteboard, anaesthetic machine
    Mr. & Mrs. Gardner
    Training equipment
    Thorold Lions Club
    Paradise Lions Club
    Vet beds
    Thorold Lions Club
    Medical testing and X-rays
    Alan & Joan French Foundation
    3 training kits
    Floradale Lions Club
    Dehumidifier, Vet Beds, X Pens, Thermometers, Boots
    Deb Cserhalmi
    Crates, Microchips, Cameras for puppy building, Dog Treadmill, clippers, Digital xray machine, Microscope for veterinary clinic, microchips, laptop for HED, Hospital bed (for SD room)
    Bisaro Family Fund at the Hamilton Community Foundation
    HD harnesses, training kits, AAD harnesses
    Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health
    Vaccines and medication
    Merck Canada Inc.
    Green Capes Trust Foundation
    6 Ipads, Minivan, electrosurgical unit, dog beds, dog bed repairs, martingales, Autoclave sterilization machine for vet clinic
    100 Woolwich Woman Who Care
    Microscope, IV pump and pole, electrosurgical unit, home whelping kits, dog beds and crates for Breslau
    Marilyn Nijboer
    3 Kuranda dog beds for Breslau
    Serena Daub
    Prenatal screening for puppies, 1 dog bed, Medical testing and X-rays, Vet diet dog food
    Nancy Chiasson
    Toys, treats, bowls and harnesses
    Bill & Elaine Chalmers
    2 Training kits, 2 Crates
    Ernie Callow and classmates
    Dog toys